• Oh Ladies Running Club


Oh Ladies Running Club, Hatfield, Hertfordshire

I was approached by Oh ladies running club who were looking to launch their first ever website and needed some photos.

The award-winning club came about after a chance meeting of likeminded women who were running in the grounds of Hatfield House Park, in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.

The popularity of the all-female running club grew quickly as word spread of its existence. The clubs’ ethos of being a running club for women of all abilities, there to inspire and support each other, and a chance to run regularly and get fit with other women.

As the popularity and membership of the club grew, the next step was to launch a website which would continue to promote the club, and be a useful resource for its existing members.

The club had a clear vision that its website should be vibrant and welcoming. We discussed how the images on their website should be bright, energetic, and promote the friendliness of the club.

The club wanted to showcase the services it offers to its members, so I went along to photograph one of their training sessions. Alongside training sessions, the club needed headshots of the group leaders, a variation of generic stock images that they could use for their website and also for their general marketing and social media posts.

If you would like more information on Oh Ladies Running Club, please visit their website.

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